Board management software allows board members to access information quickly and easily from anywhere in the world, eliminating the need to go through shared files, emails or piles of papers. This helps boards function more efficiently and effectively, and promotes better governance.

With an online board portal with extensive features and an effective AI it is possible to optimize your meetings, increase board engagement, and make better decisions. Here are the top tools for managing board meetings that can help you reach these goals.

Meeting Efficiency

The most effective software for board meetings has many features that will help cut down on meeting time. This includes easy access to the necessary board materials, using agenda templates, facilitating discussion and sharing of ideas prior to and during the meeting and presenting documents in an organized manner, voting or conducting polls in real-time and generating insight following the meeting. Having everything in one place also eliminates the need to send meetings requests via email or request that board secretaries collect and print the necessary documents.

All of these features can help to make meetings more efficient which saves your company time and money. They also reduce the amount of paper used. Additionally, the 24/7 remote access offered by the majority of board management solutions through websites or apps means administrators as well as board members can connect using devices they already have. This simplifies the adoption process and improves the user experience. You should choose a board-management software that has an opportunity to try a trial and get a feel for the software before investing in it. In addition, ensure the software you choose for board management offers high-quality security features ranging from multi-factor authentication to SOC-2 auditing, as well as reliable application hosting.