Folks enjoy celebrating their marriage with family and friends. Depending on where you live, marriage customs can vary greatly, but many people stick to a few tried-and-true elements and put some eccentricities to their rituals.

A couple goes through an wedding phase known as pomolvka before deciding to get married. The groom may make many trips to his forthcoming girlfriend’s apartment and relatives during this time to try to win her hand in marriage. Typically, this dialogue is riddle-like and includes both questions and answers. There may be a „yes,“ „no,“ or „maybe“ response.

The couple must then wait until their register day at the registration business. It might take three weeks to finish this. They are not permitted to meet or see each other during this time. This is done to stop a fugitive union.

The couple must conquer a variety of challenges on their way to the register company, which the princess’s community makes up for them. Testing of power, intellect, and a variety of other abilities can be included in these. The groom must give a payment, which is typically pennies, chocolates, or candy bars, if he fails.

After the civil ceremony the couple goes to a venue where they have a reception. There they are greeted by their guests and the toastmaster, who is known as tamada (tamaa). The toastmaster runs all of the contests during the celebration. He also says several toasts, tells jokes and sings songs. Once he drinks the first shot of champagne or vodka he starts all the guests to shout “Gorko!” which means bitter.