In the age of data breaches, password hacking and other cyber-threats security software for antivirus is a must. While the in-built Google Play Protect in your Android device can help you avoid apps that are not trustworthy and help you locate your lost device, having a second top antivirus for Android can make a huge difference. These antivirus applications for mobile devices provide numerous features, including anti-theft as well as cloud storage.

Kaspersky is among the top antivirus apps for Android that comes with a variety of unique security features. It offers a great antitheft service which can protect your device from theft or lock it remotely, and send you a secret photo of the thief and even warns you if anyone attempts to change your password. It can also locate a stolen device, provide a map and send an alert to your mobile or computer in the event that the device is in silent mode. The app also provides anti-virus scans and a camera trap that can capture a photograph of anyone who attempts to unlock your device more than three times. It also has a number blocking feature for unwanted calls.

This antivirus application for mobile offers excellent protection, while affecting the battery’s life and performance only minimally. It features a user-friendly interface and an excellent rate of detection of malware. It also comes with other useful features, including Wi-Fi scanner, web protection and a privacy advisor that will help you avoid using apps that track your movements.