Security and tracking are vital when thousands of pages of confidential documents are handled by numerous people in an investment transaction. A high-end virtual room must be encrypted, with digital rights management, as well as the ability to report on a granular basis. This includes when and who documents are accessed or printed. Caplinked’s enterprise VDR can provide this capability in order to protect documents throughout the entire process of negotiating an investment.

A well-designed investor data room checklist will include a section describing your team (resumes, stock options and other documentation of employees). Add a document that describes the company’s research or public reports that show an knowledge of the industry. Also, you should include an analysis of your competitors that demonstrates the way you stand out from other companies operating in the same space.

This information will give potential investors a good first impression of your attention to detail and readiness to answer any questions regarding due diligence they might have. Your efforts will be appreciated by VCs and they will be more likely to move quickly.

You want to collaborate with an organization that will treat your venture with the same care that you treat your own. By presenting this information in a user-friendly, easily accessible way, you can make investment deals more efficient and impress potential partners. A platform that provides brief messages and comments are a great tool to accelerate the review and communication process.

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